Best Distillery Tours in Denver

Stranahan's whiskey

While Denver is perhaps best known for its legalized marijuana and craft beer scene, the Mile High City is also home to a burgeoning industry of small batch distilleries cooking up home grown, Rocky Mountain whiskies, vodkas and gins. For the tourist who’s keen on learning the process behind the pour, there are distillery tours across the globe that will show you how these alcohols are made. But my focus? Denver. I set out to pound the pavement (and some whiskey shots, of course) in search of Denver’s best distillery tours to take when you’re in this scenic Colorado city.

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Travel Expert for Satellite Media Tours

Julia Dimon is an on-camera travel expert specializing in Satellite Media Tours (SMT). A spokesperson for travel brands, Julia has had many with live television appearances on a variety of networks and media outlets. An experienced traveler with more than 80 countries under her belt, Julia’s travel tips and tricks have been featured across CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, E! News, ABC, ABC Nightline and dozens of other top market network and cable affiliates across the country.  A female travel expert, Satellite Media Tour host and travel brand ambassador, Julia has also been featured in many print publications as well, among them Condé Nast Traveller, Travel & Leisure Magazine, Forbes Traveler, Outside Magazine, Chicago Tribune, New York Post and Budget Travel.

Travel Expert for Satellite Media Tours

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Female Travel Television Host

Julia Dimon is a travel television host for TV shows and travel web series. Her work has appeared across a variety of outlets, from National Geographic Adventure to Travel Channel International, Outside Television and MSNBC.

Word Travels on National Geographic Adventure, Travel Channel UK
Eating live jungle worms, braving a night in a former Latvian prison, chugging back a Sour Toe Cocktail, riding a camel and much more adventure travel. Check out the video of some of her travel highlights….

On-Camera Host for “Living Like a Local in Los Angeles”

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Road Trip from Denver to Taos: Best Things to Do

Earthship Biotecture, community near Taos New Mexico

What makes a good road trip? For me, it’s the freedom of the open road, a sense of exploration and the possibility of the unexpected. It’s a pit stop at a sinfully delicious local greasy diner, it’s jamming out to your favorite tunes at full blast or discovering a new natural wonder as you cross the countryside on the hunt for adventure.

When it’s possible to drive to a destination, rather than go through the sheer “bliss” of the airport experience, I always opt to just hop in the car and make a road trip out of it. Having recently moved to Denver and tasked with the pleasurable mission of exploring everything within a few hour driving radius, I stumbled upon Taos, New Mexico. An action packed five-hour drive from Denver, Taos promises historic adobe buildings, a wide selection of art galleries, delicious Southwestern cuisine and epic skiing.

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Romantic Los Angeles – Where to Go with Your Special Someone

Romantic Los Angeles - Horseback Ride at Sunset Ranch

La La land is home to the American dream…a place where anything is possible, where fantasies come true and everyone can be a star. This California cultural center is a hub for all things glitz and glam. The sun, the surf, the sand, the celebrity…you can’t beat it. That said, for the first time traveler, Los Angeles can be a tough city to crack.

After living in Los Angeles for close to five years, I discovered that many of the city’s finest finds are spread out across town, hidden to the uninitiated newbie. For first time travelers it’s hard to know where to go without the advice of a tapped-in local. For those travelers who are planning a romantic getaway in Los Angeles, here are some of the best spots to put on your love radar:

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Travel Tips For Flying with a Baby or Toddler

family travel expert julia dimon overseas with kids in Europe
These days, air travel is stressful enough…harder still when you add a fussy, demanding, sleep-deprived toddler into the mix.

My husband and I traveled extensively (through Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, France, Italy and Canada) with our first baby and are now planning some fun trips now that Baby #2 has arrived. While I’ll admit travel is very different that it was before, I don’t want to stop traveling and give up on that spirit of adventure just because I’m a parent. I want to travel with my kids and show them the world…even if the’re too young at this point to remember it. That said, I don’t want to cart a bunch of baby crap all around the world with me. What to do.

As any parent can attest, traveling with little kids can be a challenge, but I’m convinced that with a little preparation, patience and some helpful travel gear, you can turn that nightmare red-eye flight into a bonding experience. For those like-minded parents who choose to bring the babes on their next adventure, here are a few tips when traveling with your baby or toddler

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Best Things to Do in Suzhou, China – The Venice of the East

If you’re planning a trip to China, chances are you’ll be hitting Beijing for the Great Wall, Shaghai for the futuristic architecture and Xi’an for a little panda and Terracotta warrior action, but an emmerging destination making a big play for US tourist attention is the city of Suzhou. Located about 60 miles west of Shanghai, the vibrant city of Suzhou  (pronounced Sue-Joe) has a long and rich history dating back some 2500 years.

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Travel Tips for Stress-Free Thanksgiving & Holiday Travel

photo credit: Cory Hatchel

With long line ups, delayed flights and crowds of irritated people at the airport, there is no doubt that traveling during the Thanksgiving and holiday season can be a real challenge. As Thanksgiving and ‘the busiest day of the travel year’ approaches, here are a few of my tried-and-true tips on how to survive “terminal madness” at the airport and make your journey more enjoyable during the travel crunch…

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