Live Like a Local in LA: Exploring Main St. in Santa Monica

Los Angeles has long been a popular destination for Canadian travellers. This California cultural centre is a hub for all things glitz and glam. The sun, the surf, the sand, the celebrity…you can’t beat it. That said, for the first time traveler, Los Angeles can be a tough city to crack. Many of the city’s finest finds are spread out and hidden to the uninitiated. There are also so many neighborhoods in LA, it’s hard to know where to start your visit. There are the hipster hangouts of Silverlake, the converted lofts turned artsy gastropubs of Downtown and the high-end shops of Beverly Hills 90210 fame., just to name a few. Here are a few of the best local hangouts to put on your radar for your next trip to Los Angeles.

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Tips on Packing Like A Pro – Part 2

Up in the Air (Whooooooosh!) by Gil Elvgren, 1965

With baggage fees and all that bulls@#$, travelers are incentivized to try pack light and pack smart. In my second installment of packing like a pro…yes, you guessed it…MORE packing tips! Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding what to take with you on your next big trip.

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Tips on Packing Like a Pro – Part I

Mascot Suitcase - obverse

If MacGyver (the fictional ex-secret agent of the 1980s hit TV series of the same name) could make a bomb with bubblegum, tin foil and a toothpick, surely we common folk can pack properly for a weekend getaway. There’s nothing worse than lugging around heavy bags half- filled with unnecessary items. You pay more baggage fees, the luggage is cumbersome, you have little room for souvenirs, and you look like a novice. Here are a few Travel Junkie tips on how to pack smart.

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Travel Hacking. How to Earn More Miles…Fast.

Papa bloggt! 255/365

How do you achieve elite status with priority boarding, free checked baggage, lounge access, first-class seating, free international flights and hardcore bragging rights? One way is to master the art of Travel Hacking. This is a clever way of beating the system to accumulate miles and rewards to get free flights or hotels. Many people have turned it into a hobby, capitalizing on special promotions to score free trips. It’s a real art form, and, in an attempt to get myself up to speed in terms of which cards are best and what deals to take advantage of, I did a little research. Here are a few tips to rack up more miles without spending extra money:

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10 Tips on Managing Your Money While Abroad


How much do I need? Do I have enough? Can I afford it? Many of our fears around travel are associated with money and lack thereof. Before you go, here are a 10 quickie tips to handling your money while abroad.

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My New Book! Travel Junkie: A Badass Guide to Travel

solo female adventure travel guide book

Travel Junkie, the ultimate guidebook to solo female travel, told through the eyes and mind of travel expert and on-camera TV personality Julia Dimon

I’m super excited to announce my new book! It’s called  Travel Junkie: A Badass Guide to Travel and it taps into my real-life around the world experiences as a solo female traveler backpacking to over 80 countries, across all seven continents.

In this book, I aim to inspire and empower future travel junkies to travel further, play harder, say “yes” to new experiences and channel their inner badass. As an adventure travel blogger, on-camera travel expert. travel influencer and general travel addict, I share tried-and-true travel tips and advice for the next generation of adventurers. With chapters on scoring cheap flights, maximizing air miles, using the best travel apps, surviving solo travel and staying safe on the road, Travel Junkie: A Badass Guide to Travel is an insider’s look at how to travel smart and beat the system.

Practical travel tips are interspersed with uncensored, diary-style confessions straight from my private travel journals. They are honest (sometimes too honest), raw accounts of real life and lessons learned on the road. From the wrestling rings of South America, to the genocide memorials of Rwanda, the witches markets of Mexico City, to the gladiator training camps of Italy and notorious maximum security prisons in Thailand, readers will be immersed in some of the most interesting places on the planet.

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Before You Go: 5 Admin Things to Do Before You Travel Overseas

Before You Go: 5 Admin Things to Do Before You Travel Overseas

So you’ve scoured the globe, talked to your peeps and finally decided on where to go for your first big trip. Next step is to plan this bad boy and get all those exciting admin details out of the way for a problem-free vacation. I’m a planner and love to have as much information as possible about where I’m going before I hit the ground. That said, so much of the excitement of travel comes in the unexpected: the detours, the wrong turns, the random wandering and serendipitous encounters. It’s a delicate balance between planning and allowing the universe to take your on a journey. Before you head to the airport for an international adventure ensure that you have covered the following fundamentals:

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Video: Getting Wild in Alaska With Celebrity Cruises


Adventure. History. Wild, rugged nature. A trip to Alaska promises a range of experiences – from visiting frontier towns rich with colorful characters, to spotting wildlife and taking in some of the State’s most spectacular landscape.

As one of Travel & Leisure Magazine’s Celebrity Global Insider’s, I was recently invited aboard the Celebrity Solstice to take part in their 8-night Alaskan cruise.  We’re talking float plane adventures, traditional salmon bakes, vintage train rides and some quirky Klondike history, so it was a pretty hard offer to turn down so I eagerly packed my bags and hit the road. My trip began in Vancouver, where we sailed up through Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan. It was an epic trip. Here are some of the highlights:

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