Julia Dimon: On-Air TV Host, Travel Expert, Travel Influencer, Scorpion Eater

Julia Dimon is an on-camera travel TV personality, travel expert and travel influencer who has been around the world to over 80 countries, all seven continents.

She’s the co-host of Word Travels, a 40-episode TV series about the real lives of travel writers, broadcast worldwide on National Geographic Adventure, Travel Channel UK in over 100 countries and 21 languages. She has hosted online and network TV travel shows for Outside Television and MSNBC. Julia has been featured as a regular travel expert by such media outlets as CNN, ABC Nightline, New York Times, Conde Nast Traveller, Travel & Leisure, Forbes Traveler, MSNBC, E! News, Outside Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Budget Travel, etc.

In her decade of work in the adventure travel space, Julia has partnered with a host of travel brands as their travel spokesperson/ambassador, including American Express, Kayak, Expedia, Eddie Bauer, Celebrity Cruise Lines and Hilton Hotels. Julia is the author of a new book called “Travel Junkie: A Badass Guide to Solo Female Travel,” featuring tried-and-true travel tips and advice for the next generation of adventurers.

Here are a few video clips, showcasing her travel expertise:

On-Camera Host of Television Series Word Travels: National Geographic Adventure, Travel Channel UK
Eating live jungle worms, braving a night in a former Latvian prison, chugging back a Sour Toe Cocktail, riding a camel and much more adventure travel. Check out the video of some of her travel highlights….

On-Camera Family Travel Expert for Travel & Leisure Magazine:

On-Air Travel Expert for News Outlets: CNN, ABC Nightline, MSNBC
Over the past 10 years, Julia has been featured as a travel expert by every major news outlet: CNN, ABC Nightline, New York Times, CNN Go, Chicago Tribune, NBC New York Non-Stop, NBC New York Nightly News, Forbes Traveler, MSNBC, Outside’s Go Magazine, Budget Travel, among others.



TV Host for Outside Television
When not on the road traveling like a lunatic, Julia is in the studio shooting Outside Today on Outside Television, a national TV network that has some 65 million viewers and focuses on the active outdoor lifestyle.

Travel Expert/SMT Spokesperson for Expedia
In addition to TV shows and media outlets, I’ve also worked with popular travel brands such as Kayak, American Express and Expedia.

Travel Expert for Suzhou Tourism for “Modern Living”

Adventure Travel Expert/Spokesperson for Eddie Bauer

I’ve worked with Eddie Bauer as an adventure travel expert. Here I am caring in Puerto Rico and the backpacking through the Canary Islands as part of their Spring/Summer catalogue shoot

On-Air Travel Expert for MSN Travel

I shot over 30 2-Minute Trip Tips for MSN Travel like the ones above, and when not sharing advice on how to pack and how to avoid being molested by TSA security, I’m roaming dark alleyways, eating things I shouldn’t.

Video: 2-Minute Trip Tips: Choosing a Cruise

Video: 2-Minute Snow: Santa Claus

Video: 2-Minute Trip Tips: Booking a Trip


On-Camera Host for MSNBC show “Destination Getaway”

Here’s a clip from a MSNBC show called “Destination Getaway” where I chugged back scorpions and ate my way through the Donghuamen Night Market in Beijing.

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